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This site provides links for Pudge's current projects. It links to the important sites for his various projects. See pudge.net/macperl for links to Pudge's other Perl-related activities, not listed here. For more information, see pudge.net, contact Pudge, see Pudge's CPAN distributions, or read Pudge's journal.

Project Current Release Date Source Bugs Description
MacPerl 5.6.1r2 | 5.8.0a2 2002.12.04 | 2002.06.22 CVS View | Report MacPerl is the port of the Perl programming language to Mac OS (versions 7 through 9). I am the current maintainer of MacPerl (its author, Matthias Neeracher, has put me in charge).
Slash 2.2.6 2002.07.02 CVS View | Report I am one of the developers of Slash, the code that runs Slashdot. Working on Slash and posting stories to Slashdot is my day job. Slash is also the backbone of use Perl;, the Perl news/discussion site I run. Note that the current Slash is "unreleased", but available via CVS.
Devel::FindGlobals 0.03 2004.10.08 CVS View | Report Find global Perl variables and their sizes (via Devel::Size).
File::Sort 1.01 2002.01.23 CVS View | Report Perl module (and program) to sort a file or merge sort multiple files.
Games::Baseball::Scorecard 0.03 2005.10.20 CVS View | Report Generate baseball PDF scorecards, optionally filling out the lineups and even scoring a complete game.
MP3::Info 1.13* 2005.03.10 CVS View | Report A pure-Perl module for getting and setting ID3 tags, and getting other information (bitrate, length, etc.), for MP3 files. *My last release was 1.13, and this is now maintained by Dan Sully.
Mac::AppleEvents::Simple 1.18 2006.07.06 CVS View | Report Perl module to simple access to Mac::AppleEvents; this is a prerequisite for several other modules. Requires Mac::Carbon on Mac OS X.
Mac::Apps::Launch 1.93 2007.01.03 CVS View | Report Perl module to launch / quit applications. Requires Mac::Carbon on Mac OS X.
Mac::Carbon 0.77 2006.07.06 CVS View | Report A port of the standard MacPerl toolbox modules to Mac OS X. There is a lot of stuff here: it includes almost all the non-GUI modules. It is used for access to much of the Carbon API, including File Manager, Speech Manager, etc.
Mac::Glue 1.30 2007.01.03 CVS View | Report Perl module to control apps with AppleScript terminology. Very cool stuff. Requires Mac::Carbon on Mac OS X.
Mac::Growl 0.67 2006.08.24 svn View | Report Control Growl, a notification system for Mac OS X.
Mac::OSA::Simple 1.09 2005.06.01 CVS View | Report Perl module to simple access to Mac::OSA. Requires Mac::Carbon on Mac OS X.
Slash::Gallery 0.91 2002.01.23 CVS View | Report An image gallery plugin for Slash.
Time::Epoch 0.02 2003.05.21 CVS View | Report Convert between Perl epoch and other epochs (currently only Mac OS alternate epoch supported, which is midnight Jan 1 1904 local time, instead of midnight Jan 1 1970 GMT).

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